Sunday, April 16, 2006

Quote Of The Day

"No one questions the authenticity of the Judas Gospel, which depicts Judas Iscariot not as a betrayer of Jesus but as a favored disciple."
-"How The Gospel of Judas Emerged," New York Times for Sunday, April 16.

Happy Easter from the New York Times!
And they don't hate Christians. They really, really don't.


Joke said...

I see that reading the New York Tass has been your Lenten penance.

However, Our Lord has risen! So you can stop mortifying your flesh.



Anonymous said...

Never one to defend the Times, but all they are saying is that nobody is denying that the document is authentic. Keep in mind that this document was written over 300 years after Christ's death at a time where there were many "Gospel re-writes." So authentic yes, accurate NO!