Tuesday, April 11, 2006

The Different Night

At sunset Wednesday Passover begins. Here in the twin cities at 7:54 pm or thereabouts the Frozen Chosen will be gathering around the table for Seder.

I have only been to two Seders in my life. (I'm not counting those paint-by-numbers fake Seders we had to practice back in Catholic school. The purpose of those was to teach us something about the Mass, and to make sure we didn't embarass ourselves if we ever got invited to a real Seder. Also to see who could spell "Waldbaums.")

The last one was just last year, here in Minneapolis. That was an Israeli Seder. It started at sunset with everyone at the table arguing about the translations and ended around midnight with everyone sprawled on the livingroom floor, telling Arab jokes. A good time was had by all.


Joke said...

I like Seders. And no, as you stated, those fakey-doo ones the nuns went through with us, but real Seders.

It kind of has a resonance, even if you're a practicing Catholic, if your ancestors came here from wherever they were being exploited and oppressed. Like, say, Ireland or Cuba or Cambodia.


M. Alexander said...

So, tell us the Arab jokes! C'mom! LOL