Friday, March 31, 2006

Everything You Need To Know...

...about Mr. "Savage."

I just had to pass this one on. From the website of the Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights (


"Here is what radio talk-show host Michael Savage had to say on March 28 about the Catholic Church’s response to the immigration issue:

"It is a pig story! It’s animal farm all over again. And also make no bones about it, it’s the greedy Catholic Church that was behind it because the people of America walked away from the molesters’ dens and they need to bring in people from the Third World who are still gullible enough to sit there and listen to the molesters…the Roman Catholic Church was behind this, the Roman Catholic Church started this a year ago. The Roman Catholic Church flooded the streets because they cannot get parishioners anymore amongst educated white people who have caught onto the racket and instead they need to import dummies to sit in the church pews. That’s the story and it is not difficult for you to understand—I’m telling you the truth. It’s all about greed. It’s greed at the top of the Catholic Church.

"Make no mistake about why this is happening. This has nothing to do with compassion for Mexican workers. This has nothing to do with fairness for Mexican workers—it has to do with the greed…. That’s all there is to it. And that includes the Catholic Church pigs. And if you don’t like it, don’t listen to the show—I really don’t care anymore. I’m not going to be duped by this sanctimonious garbage that all churches are good and that the institution itself is good. Bah humbug. The institution is rotten from the top to the bottom."

Catholic League president Bill Donohue responded as follows:

“I was scheduled to be on with Mike Savage the day he savaged the Catholic Church and made bigoted comments about Latinos. But in the pre-interview—which occurred just a half hour before Savage went ballistic—I let a producer know that I did not share the host’s position; after he checked with Savage, I was told they would not have me on the show. That was fine, but what is not fine is Savage’s diatribe about the ‘greedy pigs’ in the Catholic Church and how ‘the institution is rotten from the top to the bottom.’ He owes all Catholics an apology.”



I really don't have any desire to become one of the self-designated Defenders of the Catholic Church out there. Anti-Catholicism exists. Anyone who's been paying attention over the past, what, 20? 30? 100? years knows that. What are you going to do? There are always going to be people who just don't get it. It's sad; it's occasionally sick-making, especially when the media fawn all over the more hate-filled Anticatholics out there. It's one more thing to pray about.

We also know, with the scandals of the last few years, that the officials of the Church in America have done a fine job of making life harder for everyone else. We have, in all frankness, been shamefully betrayed by some of our leaders. I don't know any Catholic who would dispute that.

But give me a break. The Catholic Church is controlling immigration protests? How organized does Mr. Weiner- sorry, Mr. "Savage," cute pseudonym-- think the bishops are? And Mexicans are "dummies"? OK, so a lot of Latinos vote for Democrats. But that doesn't necessarily mean they have no intellectual ability whatsoever, as Mr. "Savage" implies.

I gotta get back to my Italy book. More on this later.


Joke said...


Mr. Savage doesn't have much of a grasp of the voting patterns of Latins here in Miami, does he?

As re. Anti-Catholics, remember the words of St. Matthew's Gospel (6:5b) "Amen I say to you, they have received their reward."

Better yet!

St. Matthew 5:10...



Anonymous said...

WOW. I've been following the immigration debate but have not yet heard ANYONE bash the Catholic church's involvement. The Catholic bishops are one of many groups behind the rallys and demonstrations, but the real culprits are the immigrant advocacy groups like the National Council of La Raza and the National Immigration Forum and the labor unions like the Service Employees International Union. But then again, you probably already know all this b/c (like me) you're an NRO reader:)

Nino Noir said...

Uhhh... this is why I don't listen to Michael Savage.

Ok, really it's because the first time I tried to listen, he was complaining that NAFTA let Mexico import its low-quality lettuce. LOL

Until he starts connecting ideas with fact and logic, however, he'll stay a third-rate FM syndicated talk show host.

~ john (aka nino noir - ann coulter groupie)

ps: Catholicism has been attacked, on-again-off-again, for two thousand years. He's nothing.

Mister Know It All said...

Well, I never heard of Michael Savage before today. And I'm a know it all.

Anonymous said...

Now how does Michael Savage expect to be comped in all of his favorite Italian restaurants in North Beach, San Francisco.

Christopher McLaughlin said...

The "Italy book"??? You're doing that one first? You just won't take good advice when it's offered free will ya?

Anonymous said...

Got Potatoes?