Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Disney Weekend Part II

Then on Sunday we took Sophia and a kindergarten friend to see "Disney On Ice," featuring The Incredibles. How much does it tell you about "The Shaggy Dog" that the ice show was more interesting?

I spent a few minutes talking to one of the merchandise guys- you know, the people who sell all the t-shirts and Mickey Mouse ears at these things. He'd been working for the company that handles this stuff for over 20 years. Nine months out of every year he and the other salespeople travel the country, setting up in big arenas and peddling Disney wares. The other three months he gets to go home.

We talked a little about the price of circus lights. Remember circus lights? A kind of flashlight with a revolving metal disk over the bulb. The disk would changed the color of the light to red and blue and back to red again. Kids would flash them all through the show. "It was nice," he said, "it looked pretty, the stands all it up like that."

I said I hadnt' seen many flashing that day.

"No, " he sighed. "When I first started selling them they were $2.50. Now they're twenty bucks. Families can't afford that."

The Incredibles looked pretty strange as skaters. Especially Mr. Incredible. A lot of padding, a thinning blonde wig, and a mask that looked like a cross between Terry Bradshaw and The Phantom Of The Opera. "Grotesque," as one dad put it.

The show was actually one long ad for Disneyland. The Incredibles had to save the Magic Kingdom.

No one asked why.

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emma said...

Why do you spend time & money on Disney? Contrary to popular belief they are hardly family friendly anymore...subpar hollywood norms are more their style...save your $$$ for something useful for your daughter...