Thursday, February 02, 2006

Totally Nude! Live and Wriggling!

In about half an hour I leave to pick up my daughter and her three closest buddies. Formerly known as "The Fearsome Foursome of Temple Israel Preschool," Sophia and her pals now attend three different schools, but they get together for things like swimming, skating and taekwondo lessons. And of course belting out the occasional chorus of "Hatikvah."

Today is swimming lesson day.

Two boys, two girls, ages five and six. One tiny "family" dressing room at the Y.

Getting them into their suits is easy. They're all intent on getting into the pool, so they fget down to business pretty briskly. They stuff their backpacks into the locker, change and charge on out there.

Afterwards is a different story. After a good workout in the pool and a nice five minutes in the hot tub, they're ready to slow down, take their time, and giggle at each other's bodies.

The boys are much more protective of their modesty than the girls are and insist on being allowed to shower without female company. The girls could be restrained from peeking, but not from laughing.

When everyone was finally dressed I tried to have a serious talk with them. How to put this? I wondered, before settling for "Guys, it's not good manners to laugh at someone when he's naked. So we don't do that, okay?"

Exchanges of sly glances all around. "Oh, WE doooooo!!!"

And uncontrollable merriment ensued, from all four bodily creatures.

I supposed I should be wondering what those four get up to when I'm not around.

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