Monday, February 20, 2006


I never got to the Patio Show. We decided to spend our Sunday in the emergency room instead.

My daughter somehow managed to get herself pinned under a picnic table she flipped over- I didn't see it happened but I sure heard the bang. A badly bruised elbow was the ultimate diagnosis, which took about three and a half hours to get.

This morning of course she's feeling fine and wants to go out to show off her sling. Fortunately it's already a balmy ten degrees out there, so she may get her wish.


Ogilvie said...

Not about the Patio Show or your daughter's elbow (which I'm glad is OK).. Just to say I read your great piece about The Da Vinci Code, reprinted in Catholic Eye, and thoroughly enjoyed it.

Robert said...

I am so envious of children. They can take a beating (figuratively speaking), be down and out, with fever in the morning, and by evening be giving it back to the parents. Man I miss being young. Now, it's just hanging in there as the give it all back to what we did to our parents!

Robert said...

Before I forget, anything that u'd write, wud be more than welcome at Spero News as well. I too have enjoyed your articles! And sri for the double post, I hit the post button too fast

Joke said...

Yikes. Big scare. Of course, the ER takes forever...if you had your spleen in a cooler it would still take 45 minutes to get someone to see you.