Wednesday, February 22, 2006

A Really Rough Guide

Topics for a travel book about Italy- one that is actually useful:

The Vespa: Curse or Menace?

Climbing The Walls: Pedestrian Safety in Roma

Three Strikes A Day

A Bunch Of Kidders: Interpreting Italian Street Signs

The Metric System: Clever Trick Or Desperate Measure?

Valid For Baptism: The Beer-Lover's Guide To Italy

Every Man a Nero: An Introduction to Italian Railway Employees

The Gelato Diet

First, Sign Your Will: Driving The Autostrada


angelic doctor said...

very amusing.

if you think riding a vespa in italy is bad, try riding one in chicago.

Joke said...

Didn't see so much beer in Italy. I should go back and look again.


P.S. And given the tolls, you may not have anything LEFT in your will if you keep driving on the Autostrada.

Sue said...

Good point, Joke.