Friday, February 10, 2006

My Template Hates Me.

I've been messing around with my template for over an hour, trying to set this blog up so I can publish links. So far no success.

I'd love to set this blog up properly- you know, a working site meter, links that actually work, all that cool stuff.

But if I spend one more minute on the template today, "Breakfast With The Pope" will never get written.

Anyone with techie advice- I'm all ears.


Jeffus said...

Since we both use Blogger, I've set up a helpful post at to walk you through how to set up a text link. Hope it's not too introductory but I don't know your skill level

The Coulter Chamber said...

Here's blogger's 'how to add links' page.

And seriously, I really want you to be able to add Site Meter. It's so interesting to find out where your visitors are from (both their countries/states & the referring url's). If you still have my email address, just ask if you want me to explain it again.

nel's bebi said...

hi susan. a friend has forwarded your entry about Opus Dei 101 so i visited your site.
anyway, you can also add a tagboard for your navigation bar for your visitors. you can follow the directions easily at
and if you want to copy a format or whatever from any blogger (w/ their permission of course), you can always do a right-click on their page then "view source". i don't really know htmsl itself but somehow this has helped.
you can also get templates online. google helps on where to find them.

and i hope you don't mind me linking you up on my blogsite.

have a great weekend!

Sue said...

Hey bebi!

Thanks for linking me- and I love the photos. DIH

Christopher McLaughlin said...

I still think you should skip BWTP and concentrate on the Kung Fu screenplay. Sue look at it this way... what do you want the book jacket of your SECOND book to read?

...Sue, an expert on the Pope, discusses Martial Arts...


...Martial Arts expert, Sue Vigilante, receives a well deserved secret invitation from the Pope to discuss world affairs over breakfast in a quiet Italian seaport...

Kim said...

Hang in there....anytime you start tinkering around with templates and HTML, it takes a good chunk of your least mine!

Sue said...

Christopher, you crack me up.

Adoro Te Devote said...

I feel your pain. I printed out the instructions from blogger, carefully hunted through html, which may as well have been binary code for all I understood it, and found the sidebar, it just went downhill from there. Some of the links I edited worked, some did not and still won't although they are IDENTICAL in code to the ones that do work. My links are at the bottom of the page and I can't get them to the top where they belong.

I again went to the help section, ended up having to send an e-mail for tech help, and it didn't work. Cookies are enabled, I cleaned out my cache, etc. , etc.

Maybe you and I are the type of people that can't learn from computer tutorials. We need someone to sit down and actually SHOW US in person how this stuff works.

I do not in any way mean to imply that you are clueless as I am.

Good luck, and I agree...don't mess with your template. Get someone else to mess with it for you and then everyone will be happy.

Mister Know it All said...

You people are giving Catholics a bad name. It's not rocket science. It's not even an encyclical.

Desperate: before you do anything to your template, cut and paste the entire thing into the word processing program of your choice (I'm all about diversity.) This will ensure that you have a back up.

Then start adding links. Just add the name of the website of your choice to the part of the link line in the template that displays the name "Google News." Then cut and paste the url to the site you want where you see the url for Google News.


If you like what you see, save it. If you don't, cancel your edits.

Shampoo, rinse, repeat.

Adoro Te Devote said...

Fortunately, mister know it all, editing html has absolutely nothing to do with Catholicism. If I had to understand code in order to get to heaven, I'd already have given up. I would daresay that if you check with other faiths, they have technically-challenged bloggers, too. :-)

Some of us just don't have your gifts. * sigh *

nel's bebi said...

hi sue. thanks!
by the way, just call me elapot ;)