Saturday, February 18, 2006


The big news is the temperature got above zero today. Of course the wind picked up too, so it felt a lot like yesterday. The whole long weekend is supposed to be like this.

We have the thermostat turned up to the 70s but the house only gets to 63 or so. We have every space heater we own going. Even so we're all huddled around the fireplace like cavemen. Good thing we had it converted to gas, otherwise we'd all smell like pine ash by now.

There is a "Home and Patio Expo" in St. Paul this weekend. I'm going to go, so I can pretend it's summertime.

Escapism is underrated.


Holly said...

I can only imagine how desperate I'd be under the circumstance. Wishing you warmth.

Joke said...

Not a word. I promise.


Christopher McLaughlin said...

Escapism is under-rated by whom? Sue, maybe it's hard to do where you live, but ya really gotta stop hanging out with people who take themselves so seriously...

Sue said...

Thank you, Joke.

Ray from MN said...

Speaking as one born here, without exaggeration, I can tell you that it has been quite warm and relatively snowless the last ten years.

The St. Paul paper has what they call their P.I.P. index (the Pain in the Posterior Index) that makes a reasonable attempt to compare the seasons from year to year.

It is created through the use of different factors like 5", 10" and 15" or more snowfalls; ten days of 15" or more snow depth; high temperatures of +5 or less, highs of -5 or less, both of which measure cold days; a subjective measure called "painfully dreary month (no sun)" and "absurdly dreary month (really no sun)"; and more points for every 10 days the winter lasts beyond three months.

The paper, probably as the behest of the Chamber of Commerce, does not leave the PIP Index charts up on the Internet, but I happened to have saved one a couple of years ago. I would imagine Bill Gardner, the guru at the Pioneer Press/Dispatch in charge of the Index is starting to prepare the 05/06 index right now.

It's been pretty darned nice and will be akin to four of the last previous seasons, when they were pretty much "laughers."

Actually, these are the seasonal categories:

0-5 Absolute laugher
6-10 Not bad
11-20 A little pain
21-30 Serious pain
31-40 Immense Pain
41-50 Awful pain
51-60 Unbearable pain
61+ Apocalyptic pain

We'll probably be in the "little pain" category this year, mainly for those two cold days we had in the last week.

enidv said...

I went to college at St Olaf btwn 88 and 92. then grad school at Iowa State to 94. So even though I now live in Atlanta, I still remember those freezing days. There was one January that it didn't get above 0 degrees F. Painful to walk across campus. I definitely sympathize with you! Stay warm!

Kim said...

Wow!! I grew up in New England and it's cold, but never that cold. You outta come here for a vacation!