Sunday, February 12, 2006

Bella. Sigh. Molto Bella.

I can't remember the last time I cared about the Winter Olympics. The figure skating, OK- was it last time that that little girl from Long Island beat out all the favorites and took the gold? I liked her.

And I certainly don't care if Katie Couric or some other network chick tries her luck at luge-ing.

But I really wish I were in Italy right now.

Partly because I could triple-check some things in my book (I double-checked last time).

Partly because I'd have a good excuse: "I'm triple-checking things for my book!"

But mostly-- mostly...

Just to hear the language again. Just to hear people virtually singing all around me, and to understand a new why Itaian opera is what it is (and English opera is what it is).

Just to see the casual corner shrines to Our Lady. "Madonna? Yeah, sure, we have her image everywhere- why, dont' you?"

Partly just to see some beautiful things again, from God knows how many centuries back.

To get off at a stop called "Coloseo" and what do you know, they really meant it!

Just to re-learn that God did not invent coffee so we would run around, but so we would sit around. And talk. And enjoy each other.

Our parish was offering a couple of pilgrimages this year. One to Italy, the other to the Holy Land.

I talked my husband into signing up for the Holy Land tour. I've always wanted to see it, and we have a big anniversary coming up, so to celebrate we agreed to see Israel.

Unfortunately the trip got cancelled. Not enough people signed up. I guess with the Palestinian elections and all maybe this could be a risky year to go.

Now I wish we'd signed up for "Majestic Italy." Even if it did sound a little stodgy, at least we'd be going.

Must get better at long-term planning.


Joke said...


I have a dirty little secret for you in your Italo-travelin' aspirations.

[looks around furtively]


Wait! Wait! Someone's looking.

[Whistling idly.]

OK. You have to click on for ridiculously fabulous AND cheap digs, crammed to the rafters with local color.

If you wanna freelance it to Italy, lemme know, since I have all sorts of weird/cool info thereon. But you have to promise me that you'll rent an Alfa Romeo AND that it will be stick shift. After all, I have my standards.



Sue said...

Joke- rented an Alfa in Italy once.
Made re-entry- i.e.- driving the Honda-- much harder.
LIke it's not hard enough.

nel's bebi said...

i sooo much love italy. just been there once but it was really unforgettable :)

Joke said...

I knew you were cool for a reason.

I'll post more Italo-travel babble soon.