Friday, December 23, 2005

December Thanksgiving

Well tomorrow is Christmas Eve. Whatever else there is to think about, I figure it's a good time to be think about what we have to be thankful for.

For my daughter, my husband, my family;

For health- nothing to be sneezed at, people,always remember that.

For indoor plumbing and central heating (also not to be sneezed at).

For the fact that Christmas shopping went relatively smoothly this year. (I keep thinking, What am I forgetting?)

For good books and good movies.

For above-freezing days when even a chillophobe like me can go out for a walk.

For labrador retrievers and their full-body wags.

For Jesus, always waiting for us, always patient, only asking us to trust Him.

For faith that He will always have a reason for whatever happens in our lives no matter how awful or how much we may hate it at the time.

For little kids in Christmas pageants and big kids slumped on the sofa with their iPods, for weddings and baptisms and friends breaking up with loser boyfriends, for friends who still email you no matter how far down the food chain you might slip, and for friends who don't even notice or care that you slipped.

For hope. Hope abundant.

We give thanks to Thee, O Lord. I certainly do, anyway.

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Christopher McLaughlin said...

This is an excellent entry! You should post it again. No... post it twice more. Please!